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​​Diary of a Chilihead


In high school I was known to always use an inordinate amount of black pepper on everything. I loved the taste. As I grew up my passion for pepper increased. My desires began to include more heat and always flavor!  As I grew up in Louisville I always had a garden which meant I always grew peppers. Looking for unique varieties became an obsession. I wanted more flavor and heat. My love of cooking gave me an outlet for my peppers. I got married in 2010 and moved to Hardin County which gave me the opportunity for a larger garden. Now my passion has met opportunity and we are able to bring you Peppers-R-Paradise. We use our home grown exceptionally hot peppers with a unique blend of tropical fruits to make a most flavorful sauce. Flavor is truly the most important ingredient we incorporate in our products and we never use extracts. Only the hottest of the hot; Ghost, Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper to name a few. Enjoy!!!
- David Pennington Smith

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